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Friday, January 11, 2013

Streamate - The original free live cam sex top webcam site

Streamate still the top live cam sex free cam2cam and adult webcam site in 2023

Streamate was the original live webcam sex site introducing and pioneering the new type of adult online porn site that would later revolutionize the way we get our online porn today.

What are adult webcams

Streamate came on to the scene years ago offering an all new service adult webcams. Adult webcams, and cam2cam, or (cam to cam) webcam sex up until streamate came along was typically done member to member via chat programs like msn. and yahoo chat. Then later skype the most popular live video chat software today. But streamate pioneered the new type of service called adult webcam sex chat.

Streamate offers hundreds of chat rooms with all types of girls, boys, couples etc. No matter what you are looking for you can find it on streamate.Streamate has long offered free video chat and adult webcams to membes but now streamate is offering free live webcams to anybody. Totally free to sign up.

Is streamate free?

The answer is yes, streamate is totally free to sign up a member account which has all the same access as someone who spends hundreds of dollars. The only thing that you need to do is sign up for it. Streamate does require age verification with a credit card. the credit card only needs to have 1 dollar on it and they do a test transfer of 1 dollar to verify age.

is streamate adult webcams LIVE?

Yes streamate streamate does offer 100% live free adult webcams. Streamate never has recorded webcam streams or sex cams for download. You can download videos on the members bio page. Or you can view your private download archives which stores private sex cam shows that you have received from webcam models on stremate.


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